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Have you wondered why the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry continues to struggle with stagnant productivity, cost overruns and schedule delays despite technology advancements?

Listen in as host Sasha Reed [@AlohaSasha], together with field reporter Nathan Wood [@nathancwood], and show producer Dan Smolilo [@Construct_Techy], interview AEC industry and technology professionals to digest today's technology topics and debate different strategies to address our #SharedPains (i.e. - the "non-tech" barriers preventing digital collaboration across the project supply-chain) and deliver transformational change. 

Each episode will provide you with the necessary context - from different perspectives - so that you can decide the right tool and strategy required to overcome the #SharedPains we're all facing....together.

Mar 29, 2019

What is an Application Programming Interface (API)? How can API integrations address our Shared Pains with manual re-entry of data from application to application?  What data and process standards are required for open-API solutions to work as advertised? Who is already implementing open-API integrations?


Jordan Hoff, PPM Manager, Trimble [@TrimbleCorpNews]

Ajoy Khrishnamoorthy, VP of Product Strategy, Vertical Construction, Acumatica [@ajoyk, @Acumatica] 

Jason Ramsey, Founder & CEO, Construction BI [@ConstructionBI]

Caleb Taylor & Ed Gonzalez, Co-Founders, BuildR [@CalebTaylor_22@gedwardgo, @buildrtech]

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